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My Pensive Rain

 On this day I woke to decide a necessary change, a welcome change, a relief.

Gray sky’s and cool morning dew foretell of light rain, a welcome rain; a rain that is due.

 Clouds shroud the earth and make the world go away, leaves glisten with a spattering sound.

 The agenda of tasks gives way, no work will be done today, no work will be done day.

 I can hear birds bustle to rest in the trees away from this welcome rain and the leaves glisten with a spattering sound.

 A breeze now and then brushes past my soul and I feel rest, no tasks just rest.

Subtly a sadness is present, just there, not deep but there none the less; none the less it is there.

 Is this lovely rain sad? Is this welcome rain a rain of sorrow, a weeping rain, a needed weeping rain?

Washing clean the forest, rinsing down the dust, quenching all the thirst, this rain, this pensive rain, this weeping pensive rain; this needed weeping pensive rain.

A time of sorrow, this time of sorrow, your time of sorrow will pass, it will pass but for now my love let it rain. Your tears, let it rain, this beautiful cleansing pensive rain that glistens on the leaves with a spattering sound, a weeping sound, a restful sound this rain, this pensive rain.