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Plea to Commune

Freedom shall not be limited though our vessel is very small. I yield my own direction when I hear my captain call. Our voyage is in peril our rations do deplete. All sailors to position, all maids to mend the sheets.

Our captainís course is frugal, true winds they shall prevail. All joined to answer muster our mission will not fail. Rejoice you maids of sailors, ships bellies full of meat. We tallied all together and the bounty we will eat.


One must consider, "who has the right to life?"

What ignoramus would not say 'all.' have the right to live.

And if 'all' have the right to life, then shall one have more

right to life than the other and by what measure?

History has shown a deference to equality with wars victorious for

the freedom of the autonomous individual with abstention for

society at large, thus "We The People," which means all

of us, not just one of us have the right to "Life and Liberty" as

long as it does not infringe on others like liberties.


Definition of Stupidity - One who could learn but refuses.


When all the world of man kind realizes that it has no right to life, and we realize that life is a gift no more to one than the other and we agree on equality and the lifting up of us all then it must be known that if we should not agree, then all we are left with is hatred and war.


I live only for the love of kindness all else be dammed.

For my solipsism to be complete I can accept only kindness or I will

find a way to remove you from my existential realm.


Laugh me out of court or realize that an infinite God provided for infinite possibilities of just solutions for the righteous or rather the kind and graceful.

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