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     Never has there been a time such as the present for great invention. The world needs inventors and creators to face our ecological challenge. If you think it has all been done, think again. New technologies are springing up everyday. Get on board. Dream that dream and make the world better.

     Ideological change is essential. The bigger, better, more mentality is the megalomaniac's disease. Cooperative mentality, a community mentality will become the essential ethos or we will perish.


     We can evolve away from unbridled consumption to sustainable consumption. We can lower the world population through legitimacy and education. We love our independent transportation; we will find solutions. We can form cooperatives that bypass the socialists dictates to perform essential services such as healthcare.


      Scientists will solve the problems. We need more of them; we need you.


     Let us work toward freedom by finding ways to make the individuals home and transportation needs less  dependent on combustion. Let us work together on agriculture to produce organic and natural foods without genetic modification, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Let us stop the massive overbuilding of our cities that even now stand with high-rise vacancies without commerce.


     So let us get busy inventing. Let us reinvent our ideology, our philosophy and our politics. Let us stop placing labels on each other and put our heads together to find solutions. Individual cooperatives and not government rule will prevail.


     Riches have little value in a world that is sick and dying.