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Perihelion Engineering

‘The Universe Not in a Nutshell’


             The most important publication of the twenty-first century. TJ Ginn breaks the bonds of traditional physics to redefine long accepted norms.

                Causality and the Big Bang theory are refuted. The velocity of light is proved to not be fundamental. Combustion and thermodynamics is taken to new horizons and the magic of magnetism is revealed to be push and not pull as well as gravity being shown to be pressure and not a magic unsolvable mystery attractive force.

                For the first time in science history, dark matter is defined, as well as the red shift observation refuted, to support Albert Einstein’s original proposal that the universe is infinite.

The unified theory is here… “The universe is in a Nutshell and the Nutshell is infinitely large.”

The ‘Universe in a Nutshell’ breaks from physics conventions for a new viewpoint. The problem with our sciences is that it is much like the old adage – ‘a man was looking in his yard in the evening. His neighbor asked him what he was looking for. “Why, I am looking for the keys to my car.” The neighbor helped him and after a while he asked, “Is this about where you lost them?” The man replied, “no, I lost them in the house.” Dismayed the neighbor asked, “Then why are you looking out here?” The man replied, “Because the light is better.” This is my version of ‘The Streetlight effect’ and it is prevalent even today.

Our observations are always evolving and as in the days of Nicolaus Copernicus we learned our observational error and we saw the earth truly going around the sun. We have failed in so many aspects with the Big Bang view. It is totally wrong primarily because the speed of light is not fundamental.

“I apologize for the high cost of printing, but it is a full color exposé, which is essential. I am not accustomed to apologizing ahead of a release, but I am trying to put this in the hands of everyone. Though I tried to write this for even the non-science acclimated reader some complexities were unavoidable. Suffice it to say, though the universe is simple, infinity is not.”

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'The Praus Probability'

He was living in infamy. A worldwide bounty was on his head. He had been made wealthy by his invention and now lived to destroy it. Stealth is now necessary for his survival because the bounty is “Wanted Dead or Alive.” His network of comrades aide him in his underground endeavors. So dedicated are his friends they commit all of their wealth to his success. His name is Jarrod Praus. His invention is the ‘Praus Probability Machine.’ Everyone loves it and cannot see that it is doomsday approaching. He must, at all cost, destroy it.

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'Birdies Online'

Birdies online © was originally conceived in 2012. I did only one cartoon and parked the idea for a later date. It came to life again in 2017 when I woke-up laughing from a dream. So, I decided to see it anew. It was originally intended to be a perspective on philosophy but then what better philosophy than the dialog between a husband and wife who often times are speaking different languages about the same thing. As Nietzsche stated, "There are no facts, only interpretations." Hope you have a laugh or two, it is good for your health. Years of cartoon have been collect and are here for your enjoyment.

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'For the love of Annie Dupree'


Daughter of a steamboat captain on the Ohio River, Antoinette Dupree is a young debutant whose mother is from Paris. Annie aspires to be an actress inspired by her mother. Her French American father adores her and sends her to Paris to study along with her best friend Shannon Brennan of Irish decent. The ‘New Women” suffrage movement is Annie’s passion and avocation and Shannon is instrumental in her success. This adventure is not without peril and sacrifice as they escort in this new age. Romance is a dream as the young ladies become ‘New Women’ and face reality. Historical truth and parallel accounts to actual events of the era abound in these scenes of the ‘Gay 1890’s.

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Poetry and Prose, Aphorisms and Thoughts


Collected over the years it is now finally assembled; TJ Ginn's writings extraordinaire. From love to philosophy and even humorous quips. It is centered as always on Christian theology and at all times draws on kindness as the only true necessity.


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The Ecstasy of my Dream

A look inside the esoteric world that resides

within you; how to reach it and what to do

when you get there.

     The author, in a life’s journey, delves into lucid dreaming, sleep research and the mysteries that were revealed. It is a journey that will treat the reader to a trip of introspection and contemplation about their own experiences. It is thought provoking, humorous and poetic with intrigue and foolishness of heart but finally it may be a moral compass without pertaining to any specific ideology.

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Children of the Seven Hills


Is it fiction or is it reality?

    This is a mind blowing walk through how we got to where we are today. It is a fiction drawn from reality with so many, many things from our history that you will remember and can relate to. It explains philosophy and ideology and how it is we got to our current zeitgeist. This could be the unexpected awakening you were looking for.


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    A retro science fiction that brings out the Buck Rogers in all of us but heralds the ecological truth of our planet in peril. Passion and romance and heart wrenching scenarios of space and time make this a personal quest. What should Harper do?

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