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I Dream of You

I stood up in my little boat and gazed a mile to shore. No paper in hand and still I wrote a song and little score.

Calm seas and peace surround my way; sun setting on the main. I raise my arm to wave to her on land and in the sane.

 I wonít be long my nets are full I hail to her in song. I hoist the sail and make the turn; the day has been so long.

Pulling tight the sail to heal and tack I race my boat to shore. Your loving face and warm embrace a thing I so adore.

Iím dreaming verse and words so sweet, to tell you of my heart. The breaking waves on rocky reef my boat she broke apart. Ω

 I would survive but the image of you faded and I awoke from a dream a sad but lovely dream. I knew her, I loved her but she was just a dream.