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           The perihelion is the closest point of an elliptical orbit. A neutron star is an entity that comes closest to perfect isotropy which is to be perfect in symmetry in all directions. The universe is anything but perfect. All of the observable universe appears to be trying to achieve perfection in that it appears that all masses, including black holes, are attempting to be round. Energy flows entropically in the path of least resistance.

     We hold that the shortest distance between point A to point B is a straight line but the concept of straight is only academic because logically zero can only be approached but never achieved. The mathematical zero cross over on the X, Y graph is through the necessity of math and not the real-world experience. Absolute zero as in zero degrees Kelvin would have to be no molecular motion, not even rotation over infinite time. It must be accepted as an arbitrary point from which to base observation.

     Likewise, one must consider that for a line to be straight as when laid upon the surface of a very large sphere, it will academically always be curved unless the sphere is infinitely large. So, once again zero variation in the distance from A to B and zero arc is impossible. Thus, as a premise that energy is following the path of least resistance, that path is always vectored to a better solution. I coined the phrase ‘Perihelion Engineering’ as to what the universe is doing. It is evolving and with each pass into the perihelion the solution changes. 

            The ‘Universe in a Nutshell’ breaks from physics conventions for a new viewpoint. The problem with our sciences is that it is much like the old adage – ‘a man was looking in his yard in the evening. His neighbor asked him what he was looking for. “Why, I am looking for the keys to my car.” The neighbor helped him and after a while he asked, “Is this about where you lost them?” The man replied, “no, I lost them in the house.” Dismayed the neighbor asked, “Then why are you looking out here?” The man replied, “Because the light is better.”

            If you keep looking in the wrong place for the right thing or even the right place for the wrong thing, perhaps it is time for a change.

            Our observations are always evolving and as in the days of Nicolaus Copernicus we learned our observational error and we saw the earth truly going around the sun. We have failed in so many aspects with the Big Bang view. It is totally wrong. As much as Albert Einstein wanted to believe the Universe to be infinite, he relented to the observation of the Red Shift. He should not have relented because I will represent a plausible solution simply because zero is impossible.

            One should not be made small because the numbers are large. Do not be impressed with large and you will find that the Universe is inside of a Nutshell and the Nutshell is infinitely large.

            And… the Universe is not complex, it is simple; we have just been looking at it the wrong way.

T J Ginn